Hey y'all! I'm Taylor, a portrait artist for families, seniors, newborns, and weddings. I am mainly a Northwest Ohio photographer with my studio in Defiance, Ohio, but I travel world-wide. I love everything vintage, my three fur babies, and FOOD! I love traveling around the world and trying all sorts of new things. I have a very large and supportive family, and I also can't forget about my amazing husband! Photography has been a strong passion of mine for about 10 years. I've held a camera since I was a kid, and learned a lot from my grandpa and dad. I graduated from BGSU with a Bachelor's Degree of science in technology. College was an incredible journey, and I learned so many new skills, met some incredible people, took part in a lot volunteer activities for different groups, and got to mentor with an incredible woman!

My Favorites

Biggby & Cabin Fever Coffee

All animals (especially my three)

Traveling & adventures

Chocolate ice cream with sprinkles

Floral print



Law and Order: SVU

Hobby Lobby

Cadbury Mini Eggs

Steak and Shake


Being crafty

not my favorites


Mean/rude people (especially to animals)

Sitting doing nothing

Vanilla ice cream

Animal Print



Family  Guy

Pier 1


Red Lobster

Having nothing to do

People chewing with their mouth open

For me, photography is about capturing a moment that you will cherish forever. It's the best feeling in the world being able to give someone a gift of time to share and remember with their loved ones. My goal is to connect with each and every one of you during your session so the real you can be captured in your photos. I love sharing and teaching my skills to others and also donating my time for events or non-profit organizations. I can't wait to meet you and start capturing your memories!

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